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How to play

Quidditch is a fast-paced, full-contact sport played across the world. Explore the sport basics below!

How to play quidditch

Teams have up to 7 players on pitch with a maximum of 4 of the same gender. Teams can take 21 players to a tournament and rotate player positions throughout the game.

Players must stay on broom.

Players stay on-broom during the game by holding a piece of PVC pipe between their legs. This helps handicap players and differentiate quidditch from other sports.

Chasers and keepers score points with the quaffle.

Goals through opposition hoops are worth 10 points.

Beaters remove players from the game.

Being hit by a bludger means you must drop any ball you’re holding and return to your hoops to tap back into play.

Seekers catch the snitch for 30 points.

Teams win by reaching the score cap after the snitch is caught – unless teams are within 30 points of each other before the catch, and then the catch wins!

Introducing quidditch

Check out this video from the Quidditch Premier League to learn more about the game.